Friday, September 9, 2011

Changes to the Comunication Circle Blog

The Communication Circle committee held its first meeting on September 1, 2011. There were many ideas generated to enhance the current format.
We are currently working on adding the capability for all staff members to be able to post a question in a discussion format. This would allow multiple discussions to take place at the same time. Once we have this new feature avaialbe we will notify staff.
For now, please respond to this posting by typing in a question you would like to have answered.


  1. I have a real concern with the length of time that the students at Sherwood are having to wait to get on a bus to go home. We get out at 2:45, but the bus rarely arrives at our site until 3:00-3:05 (for the first group). The second bus does not show up for another thirty minutes or longer (3:30 to as late as 4:00). It is not fair to expect the students to sit and wait after a full day in the classroom. There are too many students to allow them to move freely while they are waiting. I was the teacher in charge for several years. When a parent did not pick up their child from school within an hour, we called home in order to locate the parent. When we were able to contact these parents, we informed them that this was unacceptable. It is not okay for a parent to collect their child up to an hour after the regular dismissal time. Why is it acceptable to have students that ride the bus wait up to an hour to go home?s

  2. I agree... I think if it is possible for Transportation to pick up students when they get out, then they should. It's hard to manage them and also, if it is enforced on parents, we need to be consistent with the rest. good point!!

  3. Sounds like a great opportunity for enrichment/intervention to me...

  4. Would love to see all day Kindergarten! As a parent of an upcoming Kindergartner - I would love to know why Sylvan is still half day.